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4 Different Types of Supplier Mackerel Japan Fish

Supplier mackerel Japan is popular to supply fish ingredient for traditional sushi dishes. Aside tuna and salmon, mackerel is also picked as one of sushi restaurant menus. Although, most of people prefer skipping mackerel sushi in Japanese restaurant due to the strong flavor and the fishy taste which lingering for long on one’s palate or fingers. However, mackerel still very famous in Japan especially when served as sushi and it also packed with nutritional benefits including high level of omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA), protein, minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrate. In addition, mackerel offers variety of fish with different taste that you can try and today we love to share four different types of mackerel which most commonly served in Japanese sushi restaurants.

4 different types of supplier mackerel Japan fish
1.      Mackerel/ Saba
Mackerel fish or know as Saba has the longest history to be served in traditional/ edomae-style sushi. It is very delicious thanks to its strong and rich flavor the fish have. The preparation to use the mackerel is a long though because before the fish are used to sushi, they need to be cured for many hours with vinegar and salt in order to prevent or avoid the food poisoning. However, it also become important to show-off the skills belong to the sushi chef. To improve the aroma, many chefs also like to sear the fish as well. Moreover, if the sushi is being served as nigiri then the fish can be prepared as maki roll by wrapped the rice inside cured mackerel. Its best season is fall.
2.      Horse mackerel/ Aji
In Japan, Aji or horse mackerel considered in different family group (Mackerel belongs to Scombridae family while Horse Mackerel belongs to the family of Carangidae). This one type of supplier mackerel Japan fish has smaller size and lighter flavor compared with other mackerel. Just like Saba, Horse mackerel is also a great choice for traditional styled sushi/ edomae-sushi and usually being served with additional scallions plus reshly grated ginger. Horse mackerel best season is during summer.
3.      Spanish mackerel/ Sawara
With the big size, Sawara or Spanish mackerel become the largest fish out of four mackerel listed on here. This type of mackerel is very popular from spring to summer season and Sawara itself known well as spring’s fish. However, there is one type of Spanish mackerel that popularly caught during winter season called Kanzawara which is super tasty with more buttery taste and the color is whiter than the other types of mackerel.
4.      Mackerel pike/ Sanma
The last type of supplier mackerel Japan sushi is Sanma or Mackerel pike which known well as Pacific saury. This fish in fact belong to another family as well. It can be served as a whole grilled dish and very popular in fall season. It was not commonly used for sushi ingredient until recently. Moreover, mackerel spike can be prepared with many ways. There are some sushi chefs who like to sear it while other chefs prefer to offer it as pressed sushi which is appears more regional and traditional. In addition, Sanma can also being served as fermented sushi. The best season of Sanma or mackerel pike is from late summer to fall. The sushi need to be cured for hours with vinegar plus salt before being served at some Japanese restaurants.
It is not only Japanese people who love to taste different types of sushi. Now, we can grab sushi around the world even though not all the mackerel is imported from supplier mackerel Japan producer. Fresh and raw mackerel fish are available each year and it is very abundant in the ocean beside tuna and sardines. One fun fact that you might be thinking very nice is that while bonito and tuna do not have ‘mackerel’ in their names, however they also belong to the family of mackerel.
Eating sushi once for awhile with fish ingredients such as tuna, salmon, and mackerel can provide nutritious and delicious meals. You can also put the sushi as your healthy choice menu. Supplier mackerel Japan not only distributed the fish in fresh condition, but also in fillet, steak, frozen, and canned mackerel products because they are easier to be found and available in many grocery stores. Hope all the notes above help you to gain valuable information about mackerel and sushi.

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