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Top 8 Amazing Black Tiger Shrimp Benefits

Black tiger shrimp benefits are sourced from its vitamins, minerals, and protein. They are good to be consumed in moderate amount especially as part of healthy diet. Shrimp is also low in calories so you can eat them in quite lot of amount without worry too much. Black tiger shrimp is one of the most important shrimp species in marine industry because they are really popular to be cooked in various dishes such as for tempura and other fried seafood dishes. Find out how healthy the tiger shrimp by reading our information below.

The black tiger shrimp benefits for health
Compared with other shrimp species, the black tiger shrimp is quite large and they can grow up to 13 inches, although average size sold in the market is only between 9 to 11 inches. The black tiger shrimp is produced largely by Asian shrimp producers such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and many more. They are taken in both wild and farmed shrimp sources.
Black tiger shrimp contains high level of minerals, protein, and vitamins. Below is the black tiger shrimp benefits nutrition per 100 grams:
·         21% of protein
·         170 mg of phosphorus
·         0,01 mg of vitamin B1
·         0.2% of fat
·         136 mg of substance Kapur
·         60 SI of vitamin A
Top 8 amazing black tiger shrimp benefits which you can gain by consume the shrimp are:
1.      Strengthen the bones
There are two most important minerals provided by black tiger shrimp which can strengthen the bones as well as the teeth called calcium and phosphor. Moreover, if you eating the shrimp with the skin still on, they will offer you high level of glucosamine which beneficial to shaping joint’s cartilage.
2.      It helps to improve brain function
The high level of iron inside the black tiger shrimp can help to bond the oxygen in the hemoglobin. Furthermore, it also increase the oxygen flow in the brain and there is a study that mentioned if the astaxanthin can help to promote better memory performance, prevent or at least lower brain disease risk, and brain cells survivals.
3.      It helps to prevent hair loss
Zinc is a crucial mineral and the lack amount of zinc can cause hair loss. Minerals in shrimp such as zinc help to promote hair loss as well as playing an important role to support new skin cells formulation.
4.      It is a good source of omega 3 fatty acids
Omega 3 fatty acids is another black tiger shrimp benefits which you can gain when consume the shrimp properly. Omega 3 is important to our brain thanks to the DHA and EPA contained in it. Although many people does not like to include the shrimp in health diet menu because they worried about the cholesterol, however, shrimp omega 3 can help to prevent heart or cardiovascular disease as well as improve nerve system health.
5.      Support weight loss
Shrimp is an excellent source of both protein and vitamin D while zinc that we already mentioned above also helps to enhance the level of leptin in our body. These properties can help to manage our appetite and cravings by making our stomach feeling full in period of time.
6.      Anti-aging
Skin aging is a common problem of most people who start aging or it can be caused by sunlight. When our skin exposed with ultraviolet, it can results in wrinkles, spots, and sunburn. The astaxanthin which play as antioxidants can help to slowing down the skin aging. You can eat a diet menu like shrimp cocktail to gain this benefits.
7.      Anti-inflammation
Based on some research, shrimp provides properties that can act as anti-inflammation like selenium and astaxanthin. These minerals are important to prevent and cure inflammation.
8.      Balancing our hormones
One of the most essential black tiger shrimp benefits is they can help to balance hormones. If you love doing some sport then you certainly need to eat shrimp due to the high quality protein provided by the shrimp which helps to support hormones production and balancing them. In addition, the protein also helps to build our muscle.
Those are eight different black tiger shrimp benefits which play important roles in overall body health and they can be the reasons of why you cannot avoid eating the shrimp. Not to mention they have a great taste!

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