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Know More about the Black Tiger Shrimp Farming

Black tiger shrimp farming is an alternative method to produce large quantity of shrimp to meet international demand in marine industry. Tiger shrimp is one of the most popular shrimp commodities in marine export import industry and because wild caught black tigers cannot meet high market demand anymore, shrimp farms are start to grow to supply such demand. There are certain issues regarding the shrimp that cultivated in the farms which we are going to talk later as well as how the black tiger shrimp is an essential seafood product in the world.

How the black tiger shrimp farming stock market demand
The black tiger shrimp farming consist of traditional, semi-modern, and modern farming methods. Black tiger shrimp cultivation by farmed methods usually conducted by Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, etc. and they are large shrimp producers who distributed huge quantity of shrimp every year to various countries including America, Australia, Europe country, and other Asian countries. It is also part of their important income source for each of the countries that become shrimp suppliers.
You can find that many Asian manufacturers sourced their shrimp from small shrimp farmers that cultivate the shrimp in large ponds or huge tanks. However, some shrimp buyers have an issue with the possibility of contamination the farmed shrimp have. Black tiger shrimp farming method usually feed on chemical antibiotics which produce unsafe consumption. Moreover, the ponds or tanks used to raise the shrimps are target of chemical contamination, bacterial, algae, and other harmful matters that can build up on them which in the end affect the shrimp and could lead to dangerous diseases.
This is why, when the shrimp suppliers export their products particularly in frozen state, they also need to ensure the quality and safety of their shrimp. The shrimp need to be edible, free from diseases and the shrimp needs to be cultivated and harvested in sustainable eco friendly methods plus the suppliers also required to ensure that the shrimp are raised in clean and hygienic ponds or tanks. That’s why, black tiger shrimp farming need to be done carefully.
Modern black tiger shrimp farming maybe is more dependable in that terms since the shrimp gets high quality control management and the large manufacturers also ensure that the ponds or tanks used to raise the shrimp are clean and hygienic from time to time. The downside of such method is that it is spend so much cost due to the high tech and control plus management being used.
About black tiger shrimp
Now let’s talk about the black tiger shrimp itself, as one of the most famous shrimp product in the world particularly for human consumption, the black tiger priced high than any other shrimp species. It is maybe because the shrimp has bigger size and they also taste great. The shrimp contains numerous minerals, vitamins, and protein that make the shrimp really valuable in terms of healthy benefits which they can give.
Black tigers which mostly called as tigers are characterized by the black to gray stripes on their shell. When the shrimp is cooked or make into various dishes, most of people are more comfortable when the shell is peeled off. Despite the fact that the shell provides number of health benefits. Black tiger shrimp farming is a good alternative for wild caught black tiger because such species is getting rare in the ocean. Tigers like to swim in the ocean floor and they can grow up to 13 inches. However, most of farmed and wild caught black tiger shrimp you often see in the markets are averagely 9 to 11 inches in size.
When you are looking for black tiger shrimp farmers or manufacturers so you can import from them. It is important that you find out their sustainability since you need to ensure the safety and the quality of mentioned shrimp. It is okay to bulk order farmed shrimp as long as they already checked or inspected to make sure that the shrimp is edible and free from any harmful contaminations. You also need to ensure that the suppliers following your countries guides and rules when you want to import from them, this is also including the safety rules and quality control terms and conditions. Hope this information regarding black tiger shrimp farming help you to understand more about farmed shrimp.

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