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Frozen Giant Tiger Shrimp Seafood Product

There are tons of giant tiger shrimp sold widely in many countries each year and caught from both wild and farm sources. Giant tiger shrimp which characterized with the huge size that can grow up to 33 cm is important seafood commodity in marine and aquaculture industry. The giant tigers have stable distribution and production from one year to another due to the high demand in the market. Many large Asian shrimp suppliers like Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippine, etc. are export their giant tiger shrimp to various countries including America, EU (European Union), Australia, and other Asian countries like Japan and Korea.

Important giant tiger shrimp production and distribution
Giant tiger shrimp production are mostly from farming section since wild caught shrimp no longer can meet high market demand. The shrimp are cultivated in large ponds or tanks and then being controlled from time to time to ensure the safety and the quality of giant shrimp. Female giant tiger shrimp is usually larger than male tigers and although they can reach up to 33 cm in size, but most of shrimp sold in the market averagely only 25 to 30 cm.
Frozen giant tiger shrimp is the most famous product to be sold in export import seafood industry. The giant tiger after being caught, they are graded depending on the size and the qualities, after that they are peeled (some are sold as unpeeled shrimp depending on the requirement of the market) and then frozen in certain temperature before packaged and distributed. Some of the shrimp are sold in raw state while others in cooked condition. When the shrimp still needs to be processed later by the importers, they will bulk order raw frozen tiger shrimp.
Giant or Asian tiger shrimp called black tiger shrimp is the most sold out shrimp product. The black stripes encircling the shrimp shell is the one that differentiate this kind of shrimp with other shrimp species. In raw condition, the black giant tiger shrimp has black to grey stripes on the shell with a bit touch of green color. Cooked black tiger shrimp has bright red shell and white meats. Black tiger offers appealing appearance when cooked and they are used to various dishes like the popular tempura dish or shrimp cocktail and salads. The shrimp offers not only flavorful taste but also wide variety of nutrition contents.
Buying giant tiger shrimp from the suppliers
The question is how you looking for trusted tiger shrimp suppliers who can ship good quality of shrimp seafood products? Well, first thing first you may think that purchasing fresh tiger shrimp is the best choice, but it is not always like that. If you have an access to purchase fresh and raw plus alive tiger shrimp then we encourage you to buy that, however if you cannot find alive fresh tiger shrimp and you are not sure when the fresh shrimp is caught then avoid buying them. Alternatively, purchasing frozen shrimp is always to be the best solution of fresh shrimp.
You fresh shrimp might be previously frozen so they are not the “freshest” shrimp, therefore buying frozen tiger shrimp can be a good alternative and they are also can be as good as fresh shrimp in the market. The Asian tiger shrimp suppliers are usually store the shrimp in cartons after previously quick freeze the shrimp. During the shipping, the shrimp are maintained in temperature setting to ensure that they are still in frozen and good condition. For business to business export import activities, the shrimp will be packed inside large containers after being frozen and then shipped using air fly.
Although most of the giant tiger shrimp are sourced from the shrimp farms, you do not need to be worried with the safety and the quality of those farmed shrimp as long as the suppliers can ensure you about how they manage to produce and harvest the shrimp. The suppliers also need to follow export terms and conditions or permission to be able to export their products. Even after the seafood arrive in one country, the product still need to be inspected to ensure that they are free from harmful matters such as bacteria, disease, antibiotic, ammonia, and other chemical things. Hope this information about giant or Asian tiger shrimp help you understand more with seafood export import commodity.

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