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Tips to Get Cheap Black Tiger Shrimp Price

The black tiger shrimp price is mostly higher than other species of shrimp due to the larger size the tigers offered. Black tiger shrimp is a famous shrimp species in marine industry and they are sold globally in tons each year with certain large shrimp producers or suppliers that can be found mostly in Asian countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, and so on. The black tiger shrimp characteristic is now only known for their huge size compared than other shrimps, but also their unique black stripes on the shrimp’s shell. They like to swim in cold waters on seafloor to feed on smaller marine matters and plants. 

The black tiger shrimp price, how to get it cheap in the market?
The black tiger shrimp price is of course higher than other species of shrimp because it provides bigger size and they also distributed widely in many seafood markets. That’s why; if you intent to find a shrimp supplier that sell black tiger shrimp in the market, it is better to purchase them in bulk order to get cheaper price or special discount. There are some ways to get cheaper price of black tiger shrimp in the market which you can follow such as:
1.      Go frozen instead of fresh shrimp
It is not only because looking for fresh and raw plus alive black tiger shrimp is difficult, but most of frozen shrimp offered with cheaper price than the fresh one. Having a fresh shrimp is such a plus, but they usually sold in expensive price and you can buy them in smaller amount compared with huge stock of frozen shrimp. It is easier to find frozen shrimp and they are available anywhere so the black tiger shrimp price is lower than fresh alive shrimp. And as for your information, it is always better to buy frozen shrimp rather than the fresh one particularly if you looking for fresh shrimp in supermarket or grocery stores seafood shelves. When the shrimp are caught out of the ocean, they are quickly being frozen to maintain its freshness. So, the fresh shrimp which displayed on the seafood shelves that you often see at grocery stores, they actually thawed first before being sold at the consumers. In the end the fresh shrimp that you buy from the stores is in fact previously frozen. Who knew that the shrimp is already there for more than 3 days before defrosted and offered as “fresh” shrimp.
2.      Get from the first hand
If you want to get cheaper black tiger shrimp price then always go to the first hand suppliers. If you purchase from shrimp distributors and retailers, the price is likely going high because they also need some profit. If you purchase from manufacturers, they are mostly offer bulk order to you and it is okay if you really need the shrimp in large number and they can sell the shrimp in lower price plus the larger the number of shrimp you order, the lower the price is. Alternatively, you can go with online shopping and nowadays, it is easy to find first hand suppliers who sell their seafood products in many grades with cheap price. You can find Asian suppliers who sell black tiger shrimp and order from them. Just make sure that they can be trusted and they offer edible shrimp with good condition. Ask them where they source the shrimp: Are they taken by wild caught or farmed.
3.      Get the discount coupons
When you simply want to get great seafood quality with cheap black tiger shrimp price then you can find discount coupons and use them at the supermarket. Whole sale markets usually offer discount coupons which you can find online on the internet. You can print them to be used later when you going at the stores, make sure that the coupons date are not expired yet.
Those are some tips and tricks to get low black tiger shrimp price. However, if you have an access to fresh and alive tigers shrimp since you live in coastal area then it is okay to purchase the fresh one while spend more cost because that’s all worth it. But if you cannot find it then go with frozen black tigers since it is cheaper and they can be as good as fresh tigers.

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