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Asian Tiger Shrimp Suppliers Seafood Product

The Asian tiger shrimp or also known as penaeus monodon by the scientific name is one of the most popular seafood commodity in the world that sold widely by Asian tiger shrimp suppliers. Tiger shrimp or giant shrimp species which is black tiger shrimp is harvested from wild and farmed sources. Each year, there are tons of black tigers are cultivated, harvested, and distributed to various countries like America, Japan, Korea, Europe, and Asian countries. Even in 2013, there is more than 650,000 tons of black tigers are produced and most of the cultured shrimp are sold in Europe Union (EU). This is why, the Asian tiger shrimp remains solid and important seafood product in marine industry.

The Asian tiger shrimps suppliers stock and distribution
Asian tiger shrimp suppliers sold their product mostly in frozen state to maintain the freshness and the shrimp still able to be delivered in some period of time. When buying tiger shrimp from the suppliers, it is important to know how they manage to store and deliver the shrimp to ensure that the shrimp is arrives still in good condition even after to go through a long trip and shipping.
Below are some Asian tiger shrimp suppliers seafood products and commodities:
-          Frozen Asian tiger shrimp and prawn
-          Tiger shrimp and prawn not in airtight storage
-          Frozen tiger shrimp and prawn peeled and unpeeled
-          Frozen tiger shrimp and prawn head and tail on and off
-          Frozen tiger shrimp and prawn raw and steamed/ cooked/ boiled
-          Frozen value added tiger shrimp and prawn like marinated shrimp or skewer shrimp in airtight storage
The tiger shrimps can grow up to 33 cm, but the shrimps sold in the market are typically just around 25 to 30 cm. Female tigers are larger than male one. When the tigers are sold in raw and frozen state, they have black to grey stripes with a bit green color encircled the shell. Meanwhile, cooked tigers shrimp has white meat with bright red shell. For the processing, there are wide varieties of methods from one country to another such as the shell on (SO), whole sale tigers shrimp, peeled but the tail still on, peeled and un-deveined, as well as peeled and deveined.
Asian tiger shrimp suppliers packaging methods
Packaging requirement and methods are varied depending on the customer and market segments. That’s why, it is important for buyers to discuss the packaging methods with the Asian tiger shrimp suppliers before the product being delivered. There are the two most common storage managements which we are going to share as follows:
-          Frozen Asian tiger shrimp are mostly stored in cartons before being imported to other countries. There are certain amounts of shrimp in the cartons and the number of the shrimp in the packages depends on the weight or the size. For example, 40/50 or 20/30 pieces per kilograms.
-          For bulk order quantity which often bought by large business, the shrimp mostly imported in a bulk from 5 to 25 kilogram per package and they are individually quick frozen/ IQF. Alternatively, the shrimp is block frozen before delivered to other countries.
On the packaging of Asian tiger shrimp, they are usually labeled to provide precise information like whether the shrimp is wild caught or sourced from farms, unpeeled or peeled, head on or off, tail on or off, butterfly peeled, and many more. Those labels are applied for both processed and unprocessed seafood. This information should be included on the packages or at least on the documents of the goods that accompanied.
There are many leading Asian tiger shrimp suppliers and mostly come from Asian countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysian, Thailand, etc. These shrimp exporters have many accesses to export their products to many countries worldwide like EU (European Union). If they want to be able to deliver their tiger shrimp, they need to complete and follow certain rules which ensure the quality of the shrimp seafood product. EU have tight rules that need to be followed and when the shrimp arrive in some of Europe countries, they still need to be checked or inspected to make sure that the Asian tiger shrimp is edible and free from other harmful matter.

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