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The black tiger shrimp exporters required to ship high quality shrimp seafood product to various countries. Marine commodities like fish, seaweed, and shrimp are important export import product for many countries and they are also give good amount of financial income for the country. Each year, there are tons of shrimp being distributed to wide variety of countries like America, Europe, Australia, and other Asian countries that love shrimp such as Japan and Korea. The shrimp seafood product which being shipped to those countries are inspected before allowed to enter the countries and this is to ensure the safety of the product as well as their quality to be sold and consumed.
Black tiger shrimp exporters important commodity
Shrimp aquaculture is one of the fastest growing seafood productions in the world particularly the black tiger shrimp. Many black tiger shrimp exporters caught the shrimp in either wild ocean or harvested them from shrimp farms and then distributed them by air shipping to many big shrimp lover countries. You can say that the shrimp dominate aquaculture production especially by value since each year tons of shrimp are widely sold.
The demand and supply of shrimp production is increased from year to year. Although the production of the shrimp is increased, however the price of the shrimp remain stable and do not decreased. However, there is unsustainable shrimp production that becomes the major issue when exporting the shrimp seafood. People have some concern with the safety and quality of the giant tiger shrimp due to the possibility of the shrimp being contaminated by disease and bacteria.
You can search that there are many cases mentioned about shrimp that contaminated by disease and therefore they are not edible. This will affect the reputation of said countries and need to be solved. Fortunately, aquaculture practice starts to become more modern and free from contaminations thanks to the healthy and more sustainable farming methods. The shrimp are no longer feed on chemical foods and antibiotics. Black tiger shrimp exporters who want to be able to deliver their shrimp product in either raw or cooked condition need to fulfill certain rules and terms to get export permission to top importers like European Union and America.
This is why, before you buying from shrimp exporters, you need to ensure them that they are qualified to export their products legally and whether they follow said rules to be able to export their shrimp while ensure the safety and the quality of the product. You can particularly ask them or find out whether they have certification from major organization that ensures the quality of imported seafood commodities. In addition, inspection required to be conducted to make sure that the shrimp is free from disease or bacteria, and other harmful things.
How to look for good black tiger shrimp exporters?
As an important commodity in international market, there are many large to small shrimp exporters who claimed that they can ship you large quantity of shrimp products. You should do some comparison to ensure that. First, you can send to several suppliers your quotations to get information like the prices and the available stock they can give to you. After that, you can start to contact them to ask about where they sourced the black tiger shrimp from because it is possible to find wild caught tigers shrimp. If not, then you should ask whether the shrimp are raised without chemical foods.
It is true that most of black tiger shrimp exporters are come from developing country. So, you can start to look for reputable and good shrimp suppliers from there. However, you should make sure that the said exporters able to ship to you their shrimp in freshest condition although they are in frozen state. More importantly, you need to understand more about how they cultivate and harvest their shrimp to make sure they following your country regulation to produce high quality of shrimp seafood product especially if your country is a part of EU that have tight regulation regarding seafood export import activities.
There are many wide varieties of shrimp products which you can purchase from the black tiger shrimp exporters and it is important to tell them what kind of shrimp you look for. For example, frozen shrimp in raw or cooked condition, peeled or unpeeled, head and tail off or on, and so on. You can include that in your buyer’s quotation.

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