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The Top 10 Black Tiger Shrimp Facts That Really Interesting!

This is some information regarding the black tiger shrimp facts and why it is important to know them especially if you have shrimps or seafood business. The black tiger shrimp is a shrimp that mostly live in cold water and can grow up to giant size. It is a really vital commodity trade in worldwide marine industry because they are distributed widely to various countries from many large producers in the world. The black tiger shrimp is sold in the market as seafood as well as for breeding. Learn more about this wonderful marine animal below. 

Black Tiger shrimp facts you should learn about
Here are some of black tiger shrimp facts you need to learn about when you want to know more about this amazing animal marine:
1.      Black tiger shrimp scientific name is penaeus monodon and it is also commonly known as jumbo tiger shrimp or giant tiger.
2.      Black tiger shrimp noted characteristic is the black or gray stripes on the shell and they can grow up to 13 inches, but most of black tiger shrimp sold in the market average between 9 to 11 inches. Female black tiger has larger size than the male one though.
3.      Many shrimp producers and particularly Asian countries harvested the shrimp from both wild and farmed sources. Important black tiger shrimps including Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh, and many more. Asian shrimp suppliers generally process and package the shrimp by following HACCP guides from United States so the safety can be ensured.
4.      Shrimp provides numerous nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, and protein which are good for health. They even offer properties that can prefer cancers since the shrimp contains high antioxidants and selenium. These two minerals activate enzymes which help to fight against free radicals. The free radicals are always linked to cause of cancers. That’s why, from this black tiger shrimp facts, it is recommended to consume shrimp in moderate amount as part of healthy diet.
5.      Another fun and nice fact about black tiger shrimp is that they are high in protein but low in calories. A medium cooked shrimp contains only 7 calories and this is means that you can eat shrimp quite a few without need to add high calories in your body. Moreover, shrimp provides proteins and it is a great choice for diet if served with other healthy carbohydrates menu such as vegetables and brown or red rice.
6.      Shrimp also an essential marine animal that important for ecosystem. Shrimp is not only consumed by humans, but they also an essential source of food for other certain animals like fish, sea birds, sea urchins, dolphins, whales, crabs, and many more.
7.      Black tiger shrimp can be graded based on their appearances. The less solidity black tiger shrimp colors has cheaper price than the solid one. Their eyes are matter too. Orange eyes are preferred because they are more unique than the black eyes shrimp. Shrimp with more solid black color and orange eyes will sold higher than the ordinary black eyes and less solid black color on tiger shrimp.
8.      Another interesting black tiger shrimp facts is that the shrimp is omnivorous. The shrimp usually feed on animal matter and microscopic plant by swimming through the sea floor or filtering the water. The shrimp can also catch and eat small fish.
9.      Farmed black tiger shrimp has milder and almost bland taste compared with wild caught black tiger shrimp. When compared with other types of shrimp species, cooked tiger’s meat is softer. The cooked shell of tiger shrimp will turn bright red while the flesh turns red if cooked with the shell on and tinged with orange color when peeled off. Many people prefer to eat the shrimp with the head off, although there are some people are okay to eat the shrimp with the head attached since it has crunchy texture and rich flavor.
10.  Frozen black tiger shrimp as well as other species of shrimp should not be defrosted in microwave. Why? It is because the shrimp is cook quickly and you may end up overcook it when you defrost the shrimp in microwave. You just need to thaw it properly by soaking the frozen shrimp in cold water or let it thaw slowly overnight inside refrigerator.
These are top 10 black tiger shrimp facts which interesting to know.

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