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Black Tiger Shrimp Nutrition Information Good for Diet

Black tiger shrimp nutrition information is important to know especially when you want to include the shrimp as part of your weight loss diet. Thankfully, black tiger shrimp is low in calories thus you do not need to worry adding too much calories in your body. Black tiger shrimp contains wide variety of beneficial nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, and protein. Those nutrients are playing important roles to maintain and improve body system and function so it is important to eat the shrimp to fulfill body nutrient intakes. Here is some information regarding tigers shrimp nutrition.

About black tiger shrimp nutrition information
If you want to have perfect balanced diet then you should add foods that can provide you with numerous nutrients to support health diet menu plan. Shrimp is just one recommendation for you to take since this wonderful marine species are good to be consumed in moderate amount. Black tiger shrimp is a species of shrimp which you can found easily in the market because it is the most famous shrimp that sold in marine industry.
Black tiger shrimp which often called as tigers are huge in size even larger compared with other shrimp species. The shrimp like to swim in seafloor while feed on animal matter and microscopic plant as well as smaller fish. However, they also being prey on larger fish and even sea birds.
Black tiger shrimp nutrition information and health benefits
Below is black tiger shrimp nutrition information as well as its health benefits which you can gain when consume the shrimp. For every 108 grams of black tiger shrimp contains:
-          28 percents of sodium
-          168 mg of potassium
-          19 grams of protein
-          Calcium
-          Iron
-          Vitamin B12
-          Vitamin D
-          Omega 3 fatty acids
More about black tiger shrimp nutrition information is the fact that the shrimp low in calories and they offer important omega 3 fatty acids that provide both DHA and EPA which is good to improve brain function and helps to prevent cardiovascular disease. And below are some of the health benefits provided by the black tiger shrimp such as:
-          It helps to prevent anemia thanks to the iron nutrition contained in the shrimp that support red blood cells production along with vitamin B12.
-          It boost energy because shrimp contains protein which also useful to build muscle tissue. In addition, the protein beneficial to make the stomach feeling full so it maintains your appetite and support weight loss diet.
-          The shrimp properties like phosphorous and calcium strengthen bones and teeth. Enough intakes of both of the minerals can help to prevent disease like osteoporosis.
-          The omega 3 fatty acids contain EPA and DHA which useful to improve brain function and support body system. It also helps to lower cardiovascular risk.
-          Eating black tiger shrimp which low in calories can support weight loss. You can eat them in healthy menu diet plan such as shrimp salads or shrimp cocktails. You can combine it with other healthy ingredients like vegetables and brown rice.
-          Vitamin A contained in the shrimp can help to maintain healthy eyes.
-          Shrimp has antioxidants properties which play a vital role to fight against free radicals. These free radicals effect always linked as a cause of cancers so in other words, eating shrimp helps to prevent cancers.
-          The lack amount of zinc can cause hair loss so enough intakes of zinc in everyday life can strengthen hair roots and shrimp is just one of those few foods that provide good quality of zinc, etc.
The black tiger shrimp is produced largely by Asian shrimp suppliers or producers such as Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and many more. They are taken in both wild and farmed sources. People have some concern regarding farmed shrimp due to the possibility of contamination, but as long as you can be sure with the safety of the shrimp then it is okay to consume shrimp harvested from the farms. You can look for black tiger shrimp nutrition information and other facts like the country origin, certificates, sustainability, and many more when you buying shrimp to be consumed personally or to supply your business. Those are enough considerations to look for healthy and high quality of imported farmed black tiger shrimp.

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