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Black Tiger Shrimp Recipes with Butter, Garlic, and Lemon

The black tiger shrimp recipes are always topped the menu of many hotels and restaurants. The shrimp has flavorful taste and wonderful meat plus they provide many minerals, vitamins, and protein. Shrimp is a seafood which favoritism by many people since centuries, they are also an important marine commodity for almost every country in the world. Although there are many species of shrimp with wide variety of size, the black tiger shrimp is the most famous shrimp due to the larger size compared with other shrimp species as well as its appealing appearance when cooked as various dishes.

How to cook black tiger shrimp recipes
Black tiger shrimp recipes taste wonderful and this shrimp can be cooked in many ways including pan fried, broiled, grilled, boiled, and many more. Some people like to cook the shrimp with the head and the shell still on because they consider that the taste is more flavorful when those parts are not removed and the shell also provides numerous nutrients contain. However, other people prefer to peel the shrimp and remove the head because it is a lot more comfortable to eat that way. Well, the choice is yours and depending on the recipe you want to make.
The raw black tiger shrimp shell will have this black to grey stripes with a bit of green touch, while when pan fried, the shell will turns bright red with white meat that taste amazing. Frying black tiger shrimp is always become top favorite due to the crispiness but soft meat texture. Once you taste the black tiger shrimp recipes, you will never turn back.
The thawing process
If you can purchase fresh, alive, and raw black tiger shrimp then go on buying them because they will taste better than frozen shrimp. However if you want to purchase fresh shrimp at supermarket or grocery stores, but they are not live, then it is better to avoid them and go to the frozen shelves because you cannot sure the fresh shrimp is really the freshest or already thawed since several days ago. In this case, frozen black tiger shrimp recipes are always been a better choice to have and you can even cook them anytime. If you buy fresh shrimp, you should make them into recipe as soon as possible.
Frozen black tiger shrimp can be as good as fresh shrimp at the supermarket even they are preferred by many restaurants which cannot cook all the shrimp at once. They need to store the shrimp for the available shrimps supply so of course you can do the same. Before you cook the frozen shrimp, you should thaw them first and there are two ways to defrost the tigers:
-          You can simply store the frozen shrimp for overnight and let them thaw slowly. The next day, you can use them to cook your shrimp recipes.
-          You can also cook the frozen shrimp straight out of the freezer by soak them into a bowl full of cold water for few minutes.
You need to thaw them properly until the icing gone and ready to be cooked. After that you can try one of our black tiger shrimp recipes ideas below.
Pan fried butter and garlic black tiger shrimp recipe
Before you cook the shrimp, prepare these ingredients:
-          800 gram of whole sale unpeeled black tiger shrimp
-          Salt
-          2 tablespoon of butter
-          1 lemon cut into wedges
-          1 teaspoon of vegetable oil
-          2 crushed cloves garlic
1.      First you should score down the back of the black tiger shrimp using a sharp knife. It is used to remove the digestive thin tract with the knife tip carefully. Repeat the process until you remove all the digestive tract of all the shrimp.
2.      Rinse the shrimp under cold water and dry them with clean paper towel.
3.      Prepare your frying pan to melt the butter. Next, add the salt and oil.
4.      Add the garlic then the shrimp, stir them with a high heat for 3 to 4 minutes until they are cooked or when the color turn bright red/ pink. Take out the shrimp until it is done and serve with lemon.
You can serve the black tiger shrimp recipes with steamed rice and green salad. Since shrimp is quick to cook, do not overcook them.

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