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Black Tiger Prawns Cultivation and Farming Methods

Black tiger prawns have a large size with flavorful taste and black striper appearances that encircle their entire shell. It is such an important marine commodity in the world because each year, there is tons of black tiger prawn being sold domestically and internationally. The black tiger prawns which often known as tiger shrimp has an impressive presentation and can be cooked in many ways like for barbequing, grilling, pan frying, boiling, etc. No wonder that top hotels and restaurants often choose tiger prawn as their set of menu. Cooking black tiger prawn still in their shell is one of the most popular cooking methods and not to mention the shell contain high nutrition level.

About the black tiger prawns cultivation
Tiger prawn is a popular seafood commodity in marine industry; they are harvested from both wild and farmed sources. Compared with other prawn species, tiger prawn size is bigger and can grow up to 13 inches, although tiger prawns which sold in the market are mostly have smaller size. Tiger prawn producers from Asian countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Philippine, etc. are those who supply the prawn to various countries such as United States, Australia, Europe, and other Asian countries. And due to the growing demand for prawn seafood, they also start to cultivate the black tiger prawns by farming method.
Here is some of the usual farming methods used to raise till harvest the black tiger prawn in ponds:
1.      The ponds preparation
Most of the prawns are being cultivated in either large tanks or ponds. The black tiger prawn can grow quickly under wide range of water salinity. The prawn can even survive for shorter period of time in fresh water. After the prawns are harvested, the ponds need to be cleaned again from sediments like faeces, dead plankton, molts, and leftover foods which accumulated from previous cultivation. Before filling, inorganic and organic fertilizers are filled so they can help the development of new plankton.
2.      Feeding
Usually the prawns are feed 3 to 4 times a day and the foods are blown into the ponds using blower. The growth rates of the prawn also need to be monitored each week. This management as well as its quality control needs to be conducted in order to make sure that the black tiger prawns are growing healthy and it helps to minimize food waste as well.
3.      Maintain the water quality
Good water quality is needed to make sure that the prawns grow in clean water and it also will maximize the rate of prawn survival. For aeration, the suppliers usually depend on aspirators and paddlewheels. These technologies will ensure clean feeding area in the pond edge. The water also needs to be exchanged so the ammonia and alga are not accumulated. The waste water is drained off from the bottom of the ponds.
4.      Harvesting
The prawns are ready to be harvested after 120 to 150 days, but it can also depend on the water temperature and stocking rates. Sometime, the prawns are harvested partially using nets, however more often drain harvest is applied and the water will be released. Normally, each of black tiger prawns is being harvested after they are 25 to 35 grams. The prawns will be harvested, graded according to their quality and size, and then cooked. The prawns will be sold either in fresh or frozen condition, peeled and unpeeled, head and tail on or off.
When you consider buying black tiger prawn from Asian farmers, it is important to know and understand more about how the farmers are cultivate and maintain the safety of their seafood prawn. You should question them how they manage their prawn and check whether they use sustainable methods to raise the prawn. The prawn should be free from disease, bacterial, chemical contamination, antibiotic, and other harmful matter thus they are safe to be consumed or edible.
As buyers, it is essential to understand more about the black tiger prawns aquaculture methods since you need to ensure that not only the end result is good in quality, but also how they are managed by the shrimp farmers. If you have an access for wild caught black tiger prawns then it is better to pick that one because they are live with natural environment.

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