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About Black Tiger Shrimp Size Averagely in Market

Black tiger shrimp size averagely is bigger than any other shrimp species. This is why the price of most of tiger shrimp species and not only the black one are higher than other smaller shrimp. The species of tiger shrimp is always cherished in the marine trade industry especially because they are such an important commodity of seafood production. Shrimp also contains lot of minerals, vitamins, and protein so they are good to be eaten as part of healthy diet. The shrimp play a crucial part in today’s export import activities particularly in marine and aquaculture industry. Let’s learn more about the black tiger shrimp.

About the black tiger shrimp size and other essential information
How large is black tiger shrimp size?
Compared with other shrimp species which you can found in the ocean, the black tiger shrimp is a shrimp species that have a huge size. They can grow up to 13 inches while the female tigers mostly have larger size than the male species. However, most of the black tiger shrimp size which you found in the market or stores are averagely only around 9 to 11 inches. The black tiger shrimp which prefer to live and swim in cold water are characterized with the black stripes circulate on the shell. There are two types of different black tiger shrimp: black eyes black tiger shrimp and orange eyes black tiger shrimp. The orange eyes have higher price than the regular black eyes tiger shrimp due to the uniqueness.
Where the black tiger shrimp is sourced from?
The black tiger shrimp is live in cold waters and they can be found mostly swimming around in the seafloor. Due to the high demand of tiger shrimp in the market, most of black tiger shrimp sold in the industry comes from both wild caught and shrimp farms. The farmed shrimps cultivated by many countries like Indonesia, Malaysian, Thailand, etc. that produce the shrimp largely and sold them worldwide to various countries including United States, Australia, Europe countries, and other Asian countries as well.
Farmed black tiger shrimps are cultivated in huge tanks or ponds and they generally have milder and almost bland taste compared with the wild caught tigers. Every year, Asian shrimp producers can produce tons of black tiger shrimps and then distribute them domestically and internationally. Their black tiger shrimp size is vary and sold in bulk as both fresh and frozen shrimp.
The health benefits of black tiger shrimp
Just like any other shrimp species, the tigers have numerous nutrition contents like the protein, minerals, and vitamins. They provide certain health benefits for consumers and that’s why it is recommended to eat shrimp in dietary menu to gain those beneficial nutrients. Some of the health benefits of black tiger shrimp are:
-          Rich in protein: The tigers contain high level of protein, make them a perfect choice to healthy diet because they provide energy, help to build muscle, support weight loss diet, manage our appetite, enhance nerves system, and many more.
-          Low in calories: This is why tigers shrimp are recommended to many people who want to eat delicious seafood but do not want to add more calories in their body.
-          High in calcium and phosphorus: Consuming shrimp will help to strengthen both bones and teeth. These properties also help to prevent bones disease like osteoporosis.
-          Prevent anemia: Shrimp contains iron and vitamin B12, the properties who play a vital role to prevent anemia. Iron and vitamin B12 helps to support red blood cells production.
-          Prevent cancers: This is one of the most essential benefits of eating shrimps because they offer antioxidant properties which help to prevent cancers by fighting free radicals effect that always linked to cancers.
Other health benefits of eating black tiger shrimp are:
-          Balancing hormones
-          Good source of omega 3
-          Increasing appetite
-          Prevent prostate cancer
-          Boosting energy
-          Maintaining healthy skins and act as anti-aging
-          Anti-inflammation
-          Maintain healthy eyes
-          Strengthen hair roots
-          Improve healthy brain
But please make sure that although black tiger shrimp contains wide variety of health benefits, but over consume them can cause side effects such as too much mercury. So, always moderate your shrimp. Those are some helpful information regarding black tiger shrimp size and other essential highlight.

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